AngioVis Toolbox

AngioVis is a joint scientific project with multiple partners involved.

Stanford University School of Medicine
Department of Radiology
Dominik Fleischmann, MD Associate Professor
Matúš Straka, PhD Research Associate
Justus Roos, MD Assistant Professor
Medical University of Vienna
Department of Cardiovascular
and Interventional Radiology
Johannes Lammer, MD Professor of Radiology
Rüdiger Schernthaner, MD Resident
Melanie Schernthaner, MD Resident
Austrian Academy Of Sciences
Commission for Scientific Visualization
Miloš Šrámek, PhD Associate Professor
Andrej Varchola, MS Graduate Student
Viliam Solčány, MS Research Fellow
Vienna University of Technology
Institute Of Computer Graphics
and Algorithms
Eduard Gröller, PhD Associate Professor
Gabriel Mistelbauer, PhD Post-Doc

To obtain additional information, please contact the AngioVis team at